Inside: "Running down the road to say Have a Magnificent Day."

Hidden things:

• Twilight -U2 song

•Me in my B.O.B running stroller thing

•Bono and Adam as snowmen

•Larry as a penguin

•Edge as a bird

•Bib #'s =Bono-360 from the U2 360º tour, Adam - 11 o'clock tick tock U2 song, Larry-1976 the year he formed U2, Edge -" birdland on 53 "from a U2 song, mine -the bib # from my first full marathon

•Adam's iphone -listening to U2 Where the Streets Have No Name

•the other guy is Jack Brave from one of my upcoming projects and he is working for my friend Sean Burgess's photography business (SBP on his shirt)

•the Kyle Pease foundation logo on my stroller sign- they helped me get a bike trailer

•Larry's shirt - from The American Flyers Pacers group that my friend Walter owns

•small poster-for my friend Joshua Oscar Snow Hansen who has lost 180 lbs and is doing 180 races before he is 40. He always wears a cat shirt to run in.Find out more at

•my blanket -for the song When the Stars Go Blue Bono sings plus I love blue stars

•my hands - for the Love and Peace U2 song

•the bib says New York City -for the U2 song New York

•the pink flower for Emilie Parker who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary

•Team ELSHAnator and pictures of my friend's Jonathan Moss and Mandi Mcbride on my stroller sign

•Running down the road... "-U2 lyrics

•Magnificent -the U2 song

•3:33- U2 lyrics

•3:35 -the time for me to qualify for the Boston Marathon if I could run

•the butterfly -for my friend's friend's mother who passed away from cancer

•Larry's necklace -my I heart U2 logo

2014 Running