2015  Stars

Inside: "Wishing you days that shine like stars on a winter's night. One Heart... One Hope... One Love."

Hidden things:

Shine like the stars, Winter’s, night, One heart… One Hope… One Love -sometimes sung at the end of With or Without You U2 song

•North and South of the River-U2 song

•Northside just across the river from the Southside- Cedarwood Road U2 lyrics

•snowman with the famous green hat and pink glasses -Bono


•U+2=my life shirt-my friend Sven de Rue’s U2 shirts

•I <3 U2 necklace on Larry-my U2 logo

•One Love… -lyrics from the U2 song One

•North Star- U2 song

•White and Snow- U2 song

•The star, That gives us light… -Iris (Hold Me Close) U2 lyrics

•the darkness just lets us see, Who we are -Iris (Hold Me Close) U2 lyrics

•The stars are bright but do they know, The universe is beautiful but cold -Iris (Hold Me Close) U2 lyrics

•I have climbed the highest mountains....only to be with you -I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For U2 lyrics

•tree-One Tree Hill U2 song

•Silver and Gold Telescopes-Silver and Gold U2 song

•333 (on the telescope) -lyrics in the Unknown Caller U2 song

•360- the U2 360º tour

•U2 i+e -the U2 Innocence +Experience tour

•blue stars- When the Stars Go Blue song

•Love you shine like a burning star-lyrics from The Fly U2 song