2016  Open Heart

Inside: "May your heart be open and as white as snow."

Hidden things:

•Open Heart -“And heart that is broken Is a heart that is open”Cedarwood Road U2 song

•snowman with the famous green hat and pink glasses -Bono

•33 on the shirt -I turned 33 years old this year


•I <3 U2 necklace on Larry-my U2 logo

•Other snowman- Adam

•bird- The Edge

•White and Snow- U2 song

•the darkness just lets us see, Who we are -Iris (Hold Me      Close) U2 lyrics

•tree-One Tree Hill U2 song

•Silver necklace and Gold key-Silver and Gold U2 song

•333 (on the key tag) -lyrics in the Unknown Caller U2      song

•Innocence and Experience words -the U2 Innocence +Experience tour

•40 different words-U2 song “40”  and U2 turned 40 this year

•Pride- U2 song

•Jubilation- Elevation and Bad U2 song lyrics

•Winter’s, night, One heart… One Hope… One Love -sometimes sung at the end of With or Without You U2 song

•yellow Daffodils- the favorite flower of one of my hEArt      cards customers that passed away from Cancer in 2016

•African Violets-one of my Grandma Jo’s favorite flowers.      She passed away in December 2015

•heart turning white -“ if only a heart could be as white as      snow” -White as Snow U2 song lyrics